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“I love you so much.” He murmured, kissing her all over. Eventually, their kissing winding down. He eventually murmured into her ear. “Care to go on a little adventure? A nicer, less-killer-robots adventure somewhere in time and space.”

"You do know how to woo a girl," She purrs in his ear. "But you’re forgetting that we have company now." Reminding him of their children and that she wants to spend one more day with her parents.

Kira kisses his temple and wiggles out of his arms. Getting up, Kira walks to to the dresser and gets some clean clothes out. “Try not to break anything.” Kira tells him and goes to the bathroom to shower. Last thing she needs is for him to break something in her parents home. 

"Speaking of-" he began, "Are they aware of-this?" He asked, gesturing to his face.

"Yup." Kira tells him. He must have been really out of it after Victorian London when they got back to Boston to see the twins. She had to explain to her parents that it really was the Doctor and not some stalker that killed her husband.

"Try not to wake them up." She says to him as she leaves to go to the bathroom. He did have a habit of waking them up just to talk to them. And Kira hates that because it would mean that they won’t go back to sleep when they’re supposed to.

"But they’re just so approachable!" He whined like a child, flopping onto their bed. "They’re interested in almost anything! They like it the best when I tell them stories-" he said, babbling on as Kira took a shower- not even noticing she wasn’t listening.

'Theta, don't.' Kira warns him over their mental link as she showers. She is washing her hair and it’s gotten a tad longer, maybe an inch or so past her shoulder blades. Maybe it’s time to get a hair cut.

They’re asleep! My mental link can tell if they’re asleep." he said through their link, jokingly trying to sound angry. "so….what would you like to do today?

Clicking her tongue in annoyance, Kira continues on to shower. She thinks of what they can do till her parents come back at 5 PM.

'Personally? I would like to just stay and do nothing. But if you can think of a SAFE place for two 16 day old twins, then I guess we can do something.'

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Usually those are the people that that she avoids, they always want something. But Kira doesn’t voice those thoughts.  

John sighed and shook his head before putting on a smile and thanking the waitress for the menus when she brought them to them. He picked his up and looked at it using it to hide himself from his wife as he frowned. She always seemed to be down and upset. He just wanted her to be happy for once. Was he really the best choice for her husband if he couldn’t even seem to make her happy? 

Glancing at the menu, Kira sees some of the newer items. But then again, the last time he had took her here was in his 12th body. That seemed like lifetimes ago; even to her.

John smiled softly as he put his menu down. “Kira?”

"Hmm?" Kira hums out. Letting know that’s she’s listening to him as she looks through the wine selection. She feels like she needs a drink soon.

John ran a hand through his hair. “Is this even working?” He whispered.

Hearing his hurt, Kira looks up to look at him. “What do you mean?” She asks him in confusion. 

John leaned back a bit and focused on his hands as he wrung them. “Our marriage, Kira. Is it even working? Are you unhappy?”

Kira has never seen him so unsure of himself, and that’s not including when he had proposed to her in his 11th life. “I am happy.” She assures him. 

But since he is human; she carefully asks him “Are you?”

John gave a nervous laugh. “Beyond happy. I just…you dont seem happy.” He stated

"I don’t think that I see myself as a housewife." Kira tells him truthfully. She did teach for a while but that was when she was 23 and right before Kira had gotten pregnant with the twins.

"Maybe I’ll go look for a job," She says to him. Thinking that can occupy her for awhile. 

He nodded. “I just want you to be happy. Okay?”

"I’m more than happy." Kira assures him. She laces their fingers together and rubs the back of his hand. 

















"Quite possible." He muttered

"Mom, Dad." Kate calls from the doors.

"What is it Katie?" He asked her

She points behind them. The robot is slowly waking up.

Kira pulls the Doctor with her to where Kate is at.


Kira grabs his hand and they run to where Kate is at. Taking her daughter’s hand, they run out of the room.

"Trapped him…now…how long can you girls hold your breath?"

Kate looks worriedly to her mom. Kira is human and they can last only 2 minutes without air.

"Kira….are you gonna be okay?" He whispered concerned

She shakes her head. There’s no way she can survive this without dying.

"Kira…I need you to trust me…." He said looking at her with all too familiar eyes

Kira looks at him confused and then in shock when he starts to kiss her deeply. She holds onto him as Kira continues to breath in the kiss. 

Kate takes the Doctor’s sonic and starts to work on the door. When it opens she walks through. The Doctor guides Kira by her shoulders as he walks her backwards as he continues to kiss her. 

"Sharing the air…." He thought to her in Gallifrayen. "Katie’s getting the door."

'Just don't make me hit the wall.'  She warns him. Kira relaxes in his grip and trusts him as he deepens the kiss.

"I won’t." He thought back as his hand gently cupped her face. They were close to being free

Kate is keeping watch as her parents are coming out of the room.

Kira moves with him as he leads her to the right and continues to walk backwards. She loosens up her grip on his jacket but still holds it. 

Sick rp Starters

  • "Hey there, Rudolph."

  • "I'm pretty sure tissues exist so you won't sneeze on me."

  • "Ugh! Cover your mouth!"

  • "You sound awful, you know that?"

  • "And you've been like this how long?"

  • "You really can't take care of yourself, can you?"

  • "Oh, gross! I better not get sick!"

  • "What are you doing here? You should be in bed."

  • "You're kind of adorable when you're sick. You know, in a pathetic way."

  • "Stop it! You're getting your germs everywhere!"

  • "I'm taking care of you, and that's final."

  • "I don't care if I get sick. I just want to help you get better."

  • "Did you sleep last night?"

  • "You've been coughing an awful lot. You okay?"

  • "Jesus! That the tenth time you've sneezed on me today! What is your problem?"

  • "Did you just throw up?"

  • "Do you need more blankets?"

  • "Is it too hot or too cold?"

  • "Hmmm, you definitely have a fever."

  • "I think it's bedtime for you."

  • "You have to take the medicine, or you won't get better!"

  • "Hey, you alright? You look pale."

  • "Here, just take the whole box of tissues."

  • "Gosh, you must be really sick..."

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