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"He was nice, we should go and visit again." Kira tells him as she ties off her braid. The Doctor had taken her to go and meet the famous actor.

"Easy there," She laughs at him when he comes up to her. Kira has to take a step back so he won’t collide into her.


"Excellent singing voice." She comments. He may not be the standard of handsome (even in her own time) but Bogart had made an impression on Hollywood that is still talked about, even in 2012.

Kira shakes her head and watches him go through two more hats. She picks up the first one he had and places it back on the rack.



Kira huffs a laugh. A waitress comes over and places a chicken salad sandwich plate in front of Kira. “Ordering for me? How very domestic of you.” Kira teases him. But is grateful for it because she’s hungry.

"Quite, my dear," the Doctor stated softly, "I am trying to……

She giggles at that. It was funny that he was comparing himself to a lizard. Looks like he is finally modest!

"Fry?" Kira asks him as she offers him one of her French fries. The meal is good but not as great as the deli back home in Boston.

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